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Our cutting-edge Delivery Partner Management Software is the ultimate solution to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of your dairy farm's delivery services. Our SaaS-based platform empowers dairy businesses of all sizes.


How does it Work?


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Download India’s most revolutionary app-based solution for dairy farmers and Dairypreneurs to monitor delivery partner management.


Register Yourself

After downloading the app, you need to get your delivery partner registered on the Dairykhata application by filling in the required details.


Profile Creation

After registration, you need to create your delivery partner’s profile by sharing all the relevant details.


Explore the Best

After creating the profile, you can explore the app's functionalities and the facilities provided to dairy business owners.

Why Dairykhata for Delivery Partners?

Dairykhata stands out for Delivery Partner Management due to a combination of powerful features and unparalleled benefits. With our software, you can ensure efficient route planning, optimizing delivery paths to save time and reduce costs. Real-time tracking keeps you updated on the exact locations and statuses of your delivery partners, enhancing visibility and enabling prompt responses to unexpected changes.

The automated dispatching system intelligently assigns tasks based on proximity and workload, streamlining operations for maximum productivity.

Our platform provides proof of delivery, offering transparency through digital signatures and photos, ensuring accountability and customer satisfaction. Automated notifications keep your customers informed at every step of the delivery process, further enhancing their experience.

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Efficient Delivery Partner App for you

Tracking every single move of delivery partners is not a big deal with Dairykhata. We ensure the same.

Easy Integration

Our Dairykhata app seamlessly integrates with existing systems as well as software. Easy integration is one of the best aspects.

User-friendly Interface

It has a user-friendly interface as well as an intuitive design for easy and quick adoption and onboarding. An incredible experience for the users.

Real-Time Tracking

This app will help the dairypreneurs and dairy business owners stay updated on delivery partner locations and status in real-time.

Proof of Delivery

This SAAS-based dairy business model provides transparency with digital signatures and photos. Proof of delivery is the key.

Efficient Route Planning

This app helps in optimizing delivery routes in order to save time as well as reduce costs. It helps the delivery partner opt for the right path.

Security and Reliability

This software ensures the highest industry standards for data protection. The reliability factor can be maintained by using this app.

Features of our Delivery Partner App

Now, delivery partners will find their perfect route and reach the location on time; credit goes to Dairykhata.

Performance Analytics

It tracks delivery partners' performance metrics such as delivery time, order completion rate, and efficiency. Furthermore, it facilitates data-driven decision-making for optimizing delivery operations.

Easy-to-use Interface

This app is known for its intuitive nature and easy-to-use interface for delivery partners to manage their tasks efficiently. It simplifies the process of onboarding and reduces the learning curve graph for your team.

Automated Dispatching

This app intelligently assigns delivery tasks to the most suitable delivery partners based on their proximity to the customer's location and current workload. It optimizes task distribution to ensure balanced workloads.

Delivery Details

One of the significant features of this delivery partner app is that all the details related to delivery can be generated through the delivery partner app, and proper and timely delivery will take place without hassle.

Travelling Expenses

This feature of the delivery partner management app will help delivery partners to track and claim their expenses incurred while making deliveries. Timely reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses will be done.

Delivery Lifecycle

It showcases the lifecycle of delivery. Furthermore, it streamlines the entire delivery process, from order assignment to successful delivery. This feature encompasses various stages involved in the delivery operations.

By choosing our Delivery partner Management Software, you gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver a superior experience to your customers. Embrace automation and technology for a future-ready delivery management solution.

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