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Dairykhata is a dairy-tech SaaS platform for dairy farmers. Your search for milk collection software, a milk delivery partner app, and dairy management software ends with us. Empower your Gaushala or dairy business venture with our software.


About us

Transform your dairy business management with Dairykhata, a cutting-edge dairytech solution designed to streamline all the aspects of your business. From milk collection and delivery boy tracking to milk delivery and the arrangement of equipment needed in the dairy industry, our software solutions will assist you in managing and growing your dairy operations in a hassle-free manner. It’s important to ensure that the freshest milk reaches the doorsteps of the customer. Our approach revolves around encouraging farmers to go digital and sell their dairy products in an effortless way.

Benefits of Using Dairykhata

Dairykhata is extremely useful for farmers in the dairy industry. From maintenance of milk records to creating a report of cattle health and managing the Gaushala or dairy farm, you will get everything under one roof. You can churn out healthy revenue by reducing your operational cost with the help of India’s leading dairy business management tool, Dairykhata.


Maintenance of Cattle Record


Easy to Manage Cattle Health


Accessible Customer Base


Less Manpower Required


Affordable & easily manageable


Smart Gaushala Management

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What’s in Store for Dairy Farmers & Gaushala Owners?

Milk delivery App

Dairykhata is a milk delivery management tool that helps in timely milk procurement and maintaining the record of the total number of deliveries that take place and other details related to milk delivery. Shift-wise daily milk entry is made possible.

We ensure that your sensitive data and entries will be 100% secure. Our robust milk delivery software will provide backend support, help in inventory management, track milk delivery status and ensure timely milk delivery to customers. Streamline your milk delivery operations using the app and give wings to your dairy business. The future of milk delivery is here.

Milk delivery

Dairy Farmer App

If you are a dairy farmer or a gaushala owner, this dairy-tech management software for dairy farm/Gaushala management is for you. This app will provide simplified solutions pertaining to maintaining the record of cattle, consulting with the veterinary doctors in case of a medical emergency in Gaushala, customer database management and information related to cattle feed and cow shed maintenance.

Also, we create blogs and videos to enhance the knowledge related to dairy farming and other essential factors that will help you grow your dairy farming business in India. It’s a revolutionary move made by the Dairykhata team for dairy farm owners/Gaushala founders across the nation.

Dairy Farmer

Delivery Boy App

Dairykhata delivery boy app allows you to manage your network of delivery boys involved in delivering milk in a safe and healthy condition. Delivery boys can get an update on the orders. Our advanced, user-friendly app is designed to equip your milk delivery boys with dairytech solutions and route navigation assistance. In addition to this, they will receive real-time notifications on the phone on which this app is installed.

If you are running a dairy farm, you can keep track of the location where your delivery boy is standing now. Furthermore, delivery boys can reach out to their customers by following the map direction.

Delivery Boy

Milk Collection Centre App

It’s time to streamline your milk collection activity with user-friendly, innovative milk collection centre software designed especially for Dairypreneurs. Our software enables proper as well as efficient management of milk collection processes, facilitating ease of recording milk quantity, tracking the details of suppliers, and providing accurate reports on a daily basis.

You can reduce delay and improve overall efficiency with the help of real-time data synchronization and notifications. Embrace the advanced dairytech management technology in order to optimize your milk collection centre and unlock the next levels of productivity.

Milk Collection Centre

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Milk Delivery App


Delivery Boy App


Dairy Farmer App


Milk Collection App

Our Features

Intuitive Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard at Dairykhata consists of sale and purchase records of milk, animal feed, payments record, a list of dairy farmers, etc.

Daily Milk Record

With the help of Dairykhata dairy management solutions, one can easily maintain the purchase and sale records of milk on a daily basis.

Customers Data Maintenance

The shift-wise (morning & evening) data of customers is recorded & displayed with the help of the app, along with the total amount.

Smart Farm Management

By using India’s no.1 dairytech platform, Dairykhata enables dairy farm owners to manage their business and farm operations in a hassle-free manner.

Cattle & Feed Information

Details related to feed management and significant information about the cattle will equip the dairy farmers to streamline the functions of the farm.

Performance Tracking of Delivery Boys

One of the significant features of Dairykhata is that the performance of delivery boys can be analyzed, and with proper tracking, it can be enhanced.

Our Clients Testimonials
Devanathan Raghavan Deepak Kumar Narendra Kumar Ashish Kishan

Our Clients Testimonials


Dairykhata is the best dairy management software due to its seamless dairy operations feature, intuitive dashboard, and best-in-the-trade dairytech solutions for the dairy business & Gaushala owners.

Dairykhata is the best milk collection software as it streamlines the process of milk collection in a short span of time.

Milk collection is one of the significant activities of milk producer leagues. Once the milk from numerous group members is collected and stored in a central location, the processing of milk may take place from the processing centres. Furthermore, the milk must be collected in the time frame of four hours of milking.

The use of the milk delivery boy app is to facilitate as well as optimize the milk delivery process and play the role of a mentor in the life of delivery boys. Besides this, the performance of milk delivery boys can be tracked and upgraded by the dairy business owners.

By making the arrangement for healthy and nutritious fodder, management of shed, fulfilling the requirement of cows and maintaining a healthy and blissful environment, we can take care of mother cows.

Cattle must have consistent or continuous access to high-quality feed. Feeding management of dairy cattle ensures a timely supply of natural green fodder and other foodstuff to cows.
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